Best 7 Inch Tablets to consider for everyday use in 2019

best 7 Inch tablets

Nowadays, everyone wants a tablet. From 7-inch tablets to 13-inch tablets, these gadgets are available in all shapes and sizes. The popularity of the tablets can be gauged by the fact that the market is flooded with the latest models. Every day there is a new variant being rolled out. Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, and Lenovo are neck to neck in competition. The latest versions of these gadgets have top-notch configurations to attract as many customers as they can. Although 7 inch tablets are not as popular as these high-end versions, manufacturers keep rolling them out in small quantities.

The mini tabs are convenient. From being budget-friendly to impressive portability, their decent processing configuration can effortlessly fulfill your everyday needs. So, in this piece, we will briefly discuss what makes these devices still attractive. Later on, we will guide you through the best mini-tablets available in the market today.

Why 7 inch Tablets?

The most suitable product for you is the one which fits your budget and fulfills your needs. The 7-inch tablets lost some of their charms after the introduction of smartphones. Why buy a small-sized tablet when a smartphone can perform much better and more conveniently, right? Nevertheless, the pocket-sized tablets have recently made a comeback. People want to get their hands on a 7-inch tablet. So what caused this shift? Read on for details.

Reasons people want mini Tablets

Of course, size matters. A mini tablet is lightweight, compact, and portable. Fit it in your backpack and go fishing… or hiking. Small-sized tablets are the best travel companions. You can even make an important presentation or accomplish some office task while you fish (if you like that sort of vacation). Secondly, mini tablets are budget-friendly. You can buy a decent tablet without breaking your bank. Moreover, these devices are kid-friendly. Kids can carry it around, play games, watch youtube videos, or drop it all over the house without parents worrying about the damage.

Limitations of 7 Inch tablets

Still, these devices have some shortcomings. The compact size limits the configuration, thus affecting performance; ergo, these devices cannot perform complex processing functions. Besides, Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft have crammed the market with top-notch computing devices. Therefore, most of the tech wiz demographics find it hard to settle on a mini-tablet.

Now that you know the pros and cons, below are our top 7 best mini-tablets of 2019. Feast your eyes!

Apple iPad Mini 4

Our top of the pick is Apple’s iPad Mini 4. What a surprise! This device has the usual slick Apple design, stainless steel body, and a premium feel. The fingerprint sensor is useful for logging in without having to type in the passcode.

Apple iPad Mini 4 Best mini tabs 2019

Moreover, its powerful A8 processor chip can seamlessly execute complex computing tasks like graphics designing and photo video editing. Rest assured, the battery can last up to 10 hours on regular use. The dual speakers provide a real stereo experience. The front camera is 1.2MP, and it can record 720p videos at 32FPS configuration. 8MP HDR back camera can record at 1080p and120 FPS configuration setting.

It is available in 32, 64, and 128GB integrated memory models so you can add as many apps as you want. This iPad has automatic brightness adjustment feature, which might not be bright enough in the dark for some users.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7.0

It is durable, portable, versatile, and lightweight. This device is so light that, you can easily take it to the Mount Everest (though we wouldn’t recommend it). It has a Quadcore 1.3GHz process, 1.5GB RAM and 8 GB internal memory. The 5MP advanced dual-camera is crisp and delightful.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7.0 best mini tabs

As per the manufacturer, its battery can last up to 11 hours on regular use. Once drained, the battery takes just 2 hours to get fully recharged, which is quite an impressive feat. You can connect the Playstation 3 remote controller, use it as a radio player, record your movies or use it to teach your kids. The Samsung kids educational and entertainment apps, although available only for premium users, provide easy to learn methods for your children. You can even monitor their activity and limit app usage. 

This tablet comes with expandable memory, a travel adapter, and other Samsung optimized content. The only downside is that the system files take up almost half of the memory. Good news is, extendible memory is readily available in the market. 

Overall, A 7 is more than a tablet. It is handy, performs well, has an impressive battery, has great entertainment and education value. We couldn’t ask for a better tablet in this price range.

Amazon All-New Fire 7 Tablet

Now, this is an upgrade to Amazon’s best selling Fire 7 tablet. When compared with the previous model, the matte plastic body feels the same. However, increased height and reduced width make it much easier to carry around.

Amazon All-New Fire 7 best mini tabs

It has a 1.3GHz processor, 1GB RAM and is available in 16 and 32GB storage capacity models. The battery life of 7 hours isn’t as good as other tablets mentioned in this article. It offers an IPS display with higher resolution, yet the colors aren’t that great. Therefore we wouldn’t endorse it for watching movies. It is available in 4 colorful models. Furthermore, It allows you access to all Amazon features, including Amazon’s digital assistant Alexa.

Considering it costs just 50 USD, certain downgrades do make sense. After all, as the old saying goes, “You get what you pay for.” From movies, ebooks, tv-shows to day to day shopping this is your Amazon membership card.

Google Nexus 7

Google has equipped its Nexus 7 with perhaps the best configuration possible in a mini-tablet. It packs a quadcore 1.5 GHz processor, 2 GB RAM, and 32 GB storage capacity. What’s more, it comes preinstalled with Google apps. The IPS display supports full HD resolution.

Google Nexus 7 best 7 inch tablets

The display is so crisp that you won’t be able to differentiate it from some latest Laptop models. Its polymer battery can last for 10 hours of regular use. In addition, it has a dual camera.

Although a bit expensive when compared with other models in this list, but if you want a premium quality display, this should be your top choice.

Vankyo MatrixPad Z1

Vankyo is one of the latest entrants to the market. Nonetheless, their flagship product doesn’t disappoint. It is powered by a Quadcore 1.5 GHz processor, 1 GB RAM, and 32 GB onboard memory extendable up to 32 GB. The IPS display is crisp and bright enough to give your eyes a true to life experience. The minimal preinstalled apps leave more storage space for you. In any case, the battery can last for 8 hours on regular use. The Eye Health feature automatically adjusts the backlight for a comfortable nighttime experience.

Vankyo MatrixPad Z1 best 7 inch tablets

When multitasking, we did notice that it hangs a little. Overall it’s a great value for money considering its low cost, size, and portability.

Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite

Samsung is perhaps the most trusted brand for tabs and smartphones. 8GB internal memory is extendable up to 32 GB. Additionally, It has the smallest dimensions on this list, measuring just 7.6 x 4.6, thus making it perfectly portable. The bumper casing gives it extra durability. You can read, watch and game for almost 9 hours straight.

Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite best 7 inch tablets

We have only one small gripe though, this device doesn’t have a front camera.

Powered by Samsung’s usual Child educational and entertainment content, this will be a perfect Christmas gift for your kids. 

Lenovo Tab E-7

This is a device for the entire family. It is compact for on the go usage and versatile to keep everyone happy. It has a fast 1.6GHz processor, 1 GB RAM and comes in 2 and 32GB models. Dedicated kids’ profile provides extra privacy and protection.

Lenovo Tab E7 best 7 inch tablets

Lenovo Tab E 7 even has a slot for sim card so it can be used as a phone. The 6 hours battery life is a wee bit short compared to other devices on this list and the initial startup process tests your patience. But these are minor complaints.

All in all, if you just want a cheap light duty tab with good hardware, give this little baby a chance.

By and large, 7-inch Tablets are quite reasonable for the price and have a decent configuration for everyday use. Don’t expect these gadgets to perform video-encoding, high-end sound mixing, or playing the latest video games. Most of these devices cannot be updated to latest OS, which further hampers their performance. However, these are compact, very portable, and flexible enough to keep you going.

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