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iOS 13 secret Tips and tricks
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Apple recently launched its flagship handset iPhone 11, and the trades are calling it the best smartphone of 2019. iPhone 11 owes its success to the new iPhone OS update called iOS 13. It includes various new features to enhance your Apple experience. Some are noticeable as soon as you turn your device on, while others are somewhat hidden – Unless you know exactly where to look.

Hello darkness, my old friend

The Dark Mode lets you alter the theme of your smartphone so that the display looks smooth on your eyes. Once activated, the background and apps change to darker colors. It is most suitable for night time since there are fewer bright colors. Manually turning it on is reasonably straightforward. What most people don’t know is that you can schedule dark mode to activate automatically at a specific time.

dark mode iOS 11

To do this:
Go to settings. Click on settings and then “Display & Brightness”
Under appearance, option, select the “Dark Mode.”
Tap “Automatic” to turn it on
Choose either from sunset to sunrise or your custom schedule

Goodbye, annoying unknown callers

Silence Unknown Callers IOS 13

The unknown calls especially the telemarketing ones are perhaps some of the most annoying calls you will receive in a day. The iOS 13 has a great feature to silence the spam callers once and for all. Go to settings, then enter the Phone section, scroll down to “Silence unknown callers” and tap on it to toggle it on. And that’s it. Tada spammers!

New Features of iOS 13 Keypad

Swipe and type iOS 13

The iOS 13 completely changes the way you interact with the keypad. Firstly, now you can swipe to type with QuickPath feature. Android phones have had QuickPath feature, but this is the first time Apple has introduced it on their phones. It makes typing on the go super easy. Secondly, the hidden trackpad allows you to track the changes you have made in your text. Press and hold the space bar. Then move your fingers across the keypad, and you will see the cursor move all over the screen. Select the spot where you want to make an edit. What’s more, you can double-tap to select a word, triple tap to pick a sentence, and quadruple tap to select the entire paragraph.

Take very very long screenshots

Taking long screenshots iOS 13

Usually, you can a screenshot covers your display only. However, iOS 13 allows you to take screenshots of the entire webpage. when taking a screenshot in Safari, you can take the screenshot and then tap on it to open the edit menu. You can edit it, OR at the top right corner, you will see the option “full page.” Click on it, and it captures the screenshot of the entire safari web page. So instead of taking multiple screenshots of a page, you need to view the screenshot as a full page. To save, click done button on the top left corner and it will save the entire page as a pdf file.

Send Emergency SOS very quickly

Hopefully, you don’t have to use this feature, but you should know how to use it. It can save your life in a dangerous situation. Therefore we will recommend turning it on as soon as possible.

Go to settings and scroll down to Emergency SOS. Press and hold the side button and volume up/down button at the same time, it shows a pop up with features like Turn off your phone and Emergency SOS. Now if you keep holding and pressing the two buttons, it will automatically activate the Emergency SOS and call the emergency services. Besides, there is another option in the same menu known as the “Call with side button” option. Activate it. Now pressing the side button fives times in quick succession will automatically send the SOS signal. You can also set up emergency contacts. Name email, and phone number, and they will be instantly notified.

Enhance your battery lifetime

Another handy feature of iOS 13 is “Optimize Battery Charging”. You can boost your battery life in the long run. Go to settings and scroll down until you see the Battery option. Click on it. Click on the battery health option then select optimize battery charging. Overcharging can harm the long term life of your battery. You only want to charge it to 100 percent when you can take it right away. iPhone learns from your daily battery charging routine

Never Over-use your data package

Sometimes you are reaching your data limit while traveling abroad (or otherwise), and you don’t want all the background apps eating up your data package. Oftentimes you open a wrong app, and it kills your data limit. Now you can enable Low data mode to help you conserve data. Go to settings click on cellular, then tap on cellular data options and select low data mode to conserve your network data usage.

Connect two pods to the same iPhone

Useful when you want to share your music or movie with someone. Press and hold the pairing button on your airpods and bring it closer to the iPhone. A pop-up menu on your phone will ask you whether you want to pair the airpods. Repeat the same steps to connect the second airpod. Once done, start the music and tap the airplay button. You should hear music from both.

Kill unused tabs automatically

A lot of tabs open in the phone. Its kind of a pain to go through crossing all one by one. The iOS 13has a feature to automatically kill the pages you haven’t used for a day, week or month. Go to settings, then select Safari and scroll down to see close tabs. By default, it is set to “manually”. Click on it and change it to after one day, week or month options.

All said and done, iOS 13 is a treasure trove of hidden features. There are so many tricks that we haven’t explored yet. We will keep updating this list as and when we discover new useful ones. So watch this space!

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