5G Technology: Saying Hello To A Very Different Future


As the first 5G networks start to roll out all over the world, there is a lot of excitement about what to expect and how 5G technology will impact our lives. Of course, we should anticipate faster internet on our 5G phones, but that’s not all there is to it. The next generation of Telecommunications will revolutionize our lives in the future. It is safe to say that after 5G, our planet will be a lot different than it is today.

Here are five ways 5G technology will rock our world

Self-driving Cars, duh!

How often have you felt intimidated by the self-driving cars in fiction, Sci-fi movies and newspapers? I’ll take a guess and say MANY TIMES. Although auto giants like Tesla and Toyota are already testing autonomous cars, the notion of a car driving by itself raises many eyebrows. The good thing is, 5G is all set to change that perception.

Self-driving cars require that communication between the brain (cloud containing necessary information) and the vehicle has to be very swift. Obviously, an autonomous car cannot wait for minutes to make a decision. The assessment of traffic and any potential dangers on the road should take place in seconds. 5G will enable the two ends to communicate in real-time faster than ever, thus eliminating any latency related issues.

Very Smart Healthcare

Initially, 5G networks will streamline all data transfers within hospitals. Virtual Reality(VR) and Augmented Reality(AR) training sessions for medical professionals, spatial computing, real-time data management, and telemetry procedures will gain momentum.

smart healthcare-5G technology

In the second stage, 5G connectivity will enable much more efficient remote monitoring. According to Anthem, 86% of the doctors say wearables increase a patient’s health consciousness. 5G technology will reduce battery consumption and increase network capacity, thus making real-time monitoring reliable. Moreover, wearables are projected to reduce hospital costs by 16 percent in the next five years.

Lastly, the 5G speed will allow for remote robotic surgeries. Surgeons will be able to remotely operate on patients using hepatic feedback mechanism and HD image streaming, made possible by high throughput and low latency 5G communication.

The Internet of Every-Thing

People talk about IoT and how it has eased our lives. In reality, we have barely scratched its surface. A 5G network will kick it up a notch. At the individual level, we will have smart homes just like Officer K (sorry for the shameless Blade Runner reference). All of our electric devices and gadgets will be interconnected. For example, a smart refrigerator will be able to communicate with say a gadget on our hand, take our vitals and suggest a meal accordingly. Cool, right?


At the collective level, 5G will usher an era of smart cities. The communication between city officials and residents will get better. Basic living amenities like Education, Health, Water, Power, Waste disposal, traffic, etc. will be remotely monitored. Public safety will improve, Commute time will decrease, and humankind will be able to conserve energy. So, the 5G network will give rise to the Internet of EVERYTHING.

Really cool-sounding Realities

We briefly talked about how 5G has the potential to involve Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in the health sector. Last year Vodafone made a first holographic call using the 5G technology. Such calls create real-time interactions with people sitting in the other corner of the world. Think about how many families and businesses can benefit from such connections. No need to travel long distances, experts will be able to visit remotely and troubleshoot the problem.


5G technology has the potential to revolutionize our everyday entertainment and recreation industry. People will be able to enjoy their favorite sports as if they are watching it live in a stadium. Visit places without setting foot outside their home, play online VR games, and become a character in their favorite movie. Don’t tell me you, too, are having a nerdgasm!

Everybody gets a Broadband

4G has already brought high-speed internet to every smartphone, though maximum throughput and latency times have limited its application in our daily lives. 5G speed of 10+ GHz will ensure very high-speed internet access to everyone at all times. For example, To give, People will be able to enjoy live HD streaming on their smartphones while sitting in high-speed trains. Satellite transmissions will reach geographically remote and under-served locations throughout the map. Slowly, the 5G technology will phase out the outdated wired and wireless infrastructure, making cities look a lot cleaner and eco-friendly.

Honestly, this is barely the tip of the iceberg. It is not possible to comprehensively cover all the aspects of our lives that will get affected by the 5G revolution. Although 5G networks are being tested all over the world, their proper deployment and implementation will take five to ten years.

So be patient fellow netzian, a 5G revolution is on the horizon. It might take some time, but it will happen, for sure.

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