Truly Wireless Earbuds For Everyday Use

Airbuds wireless

Nothing beats the convenience of earbuds – especially for jogging, commuting, and hitting the gym. Until recently, truly wireless earbuds weren’t precisely wireless. Despite using Bluetooth, the two earpieces needed to be tethered. Thus leaving a frustrating wire dangling on your neck. After the popularity of Apple’s airpods, manufacturers began freeing their earbuds from the shackles of cables. Today, there are dozens of genuinely wireless earbuds brands in the market. Sure, many models are still clunky, and they cost a fortune. But due to their convenience and portability earbuds are trendy. Their seamless connectivity and cordless design. With fantastic audio, cordless design, and smart controls all packed into one package, wireless earbuds make listening to music on the go a genuinely delightful experience.

Below are our top picks for the best truly wireless earbuds in no particular order

Soundcore Anker Liberty Air: Low Price Wireless Earbuds, Your Best Travel Companion

Soundcore Anker Liberty Air True-Wireless Earphones

The Soundcore Akner Liberty earbuds are very well designed, fit in nicely, and are comfortable to live with. The wireless connection is stable, the battery lasts longer, and the voice quality is impressive – all for half the price of Apple’s Airpods 2. Can you believe it?

The package comes with various ear adapters making these little things fit in any ear. The battery lasts for a good 5 hours. It can be further increased to 20 hours with the help of a charging case. So if you are using these for traveling, they will have your back for a long duration of time. The two built-in mics make call quality equally excellent and the “clarity boost” noise-canceling feature is as accurate as described on the package. Also, tap commands are brilliantly executed.

There are some connection disruption reports from people who use these around crowded places. However, we have had no such issue so far.

At such a low price, don’t think you can find a better deal.

Apple airpods 2: Marginally Improved, Hey Siri and much more

Apple Airpods 2

The second generation of Apple’s airpods is a marginal improvement. The design, feel and sound quality are somewhat the same, but battery life and the “Hey Siri” feature make these wireless airpods a worthy upgrade.

They pair with your Apple devices instantly. The sound quality is excellent. The bass is rather prominent in sound, which may feel like a distraction to some people. We never had any Bluetooth disconnection issues, even in very crowded places. The “Hey Siri” feature allows you to control your audio without having to tap the airpods. The fit is slightly loose, but it is surprisingly secure. 5 hours battery life (up to 24 hours with the case) is certainly an improvement (50% more talk time) over the first gen .

Noise isolation isn’t as good as some of the other devices on this list have. Moreover, these aren’t waterproof either.

Considering the compatibility, range of features, and Apple’s traditional slick design, these are a must-have for any Apple enthusiast.

Powerbeats Pro: Best Wireless Earbuds for workout and running

powerbeats pro earbuds wireless

The beats are perhaps the best earbuds for working out and running. These are sweat and water-resistant. Moreover, they fit in your ears nicely and don’t fall out because of the flexible tips. These are small, comfortable, and totally compatible with all Apple devices.

Powerbeats pro actually beat Airpods 2 in terms of talk time (up to 9 hours) and sound quality. The sound stage is well balanced. Moreover, you can give the sound an extra boost using the equalizer feature on Spotify. The charge time is also better. In our case, the battery got from 45% to 100% in nearly an hour.

The charging case is rather bulky and totally not a good fit for your pockets. The package doesn’t mention any noise isolation feature, and rightly so these aren’t as noise-canceling as some of the other options on this list.

These are somewhat pricey but certainly better than Airpods 2 in some aspects. A must-have for workout enthusiasts and athletes alike.

Sony WF-1000XM3: It’s All About Sound Quality

Sony WF earbuds

Sony has been a frontrunner when it comes to wireless earbuds for the last many years. Their latest product, the stylish and elegant Sony WF-1000XM3, is unmatchable when it comes to sound quality. Their active noise isolation is better than any pair mentioned in this list. Rich and high hitting bass and a great tonal balance give them an extra edge over the competitors. What’s more, the companion app allows you to customize the sound quality as per your likings. It comes with adaptive sound controls which mean based on your activity the sound automatically switches to ambient mode

The battery life is what you would expect from any other earbuds. It’s not great, but it is not bad either.

The sound quality settings could be cumbersome for some users. Moreover, they have no touch controls for volume. The call quality could have been better, and the automatic Bluetooth pairing often failed.

All in all, if you want earbuds that rock your world with fantastic sound quality and personalized sound features. These are for you.

Jabra Elite 65t: Best All-Rounder Earbuds

Jabra Elite 65t

These are the best all-rounder earbuds in the market today for day to day use. They are comfortable, unobtrusive, water-resistant though not thoroughly waterproof and dust resistant. They are less noticeable when compared with other brands and fit into the ears nicely. Though there is no active noise canceling, once the tips are locked in entirely, they provide noise isolation to a great extent. The on-ear controls take some time getting used to.  Sound quality is well balanced and in synch while playing video. We have had no issues with calls either. Moreover, the battery lasts for good 5 – 6 hours on regular use.

Initially, the earbuds are painful, but you get used to it after some time.  You can use a single bud for calls and music but only the right one. While we were testing, the Bluetooth connection has had trouble switching between devices. These wireless earbuds come with a micro USB charging port that feels outdated today.

All said and done, the market of earbuds is still evolving with a lot of room for improvement. There is no perfect pair that fulfills your every need. Each of these pairs has its own strengths and weaknesses. You should always choose one based on your specific requirements and needs. Enjoy!

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